AnalPlug Kit Combo


This product set consisting of 4 silicone caps of different sizes
100% medical grade silicone. Novel seidenweiches- silicon free of contaminants. Easy to clean
Obtaining innovative, vaginal and way for libidinous satisfaction
Product data: Product Data sheet 1 Total length 86 mm, diameter Ø 25-34 mm. Data Connect 2 Total length 102 mm, diameter Ø 22-35 mm. Product data sheet 3 total length 106 mm, Ø 20-32-40 mm diameter. Product Data Connect 4 total length 90 mm, Ø 49 mm diameter.
Perfect during Carefree Analplug -4 Plugs Set, the complete carefree package for beginners and experienced analliebhaber! A must for beginners, amateurs and professionals!

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